My Attempt At Flight

by jasmine

It’s taken me quite a long time to muster up the courage to venture into the blogosphere.  Words and ideas are so very precious to me that I’ve kept my own at vest, fearful of the vulnerability that comes with being an active blogger.  While I do believe having a sense of self-awareness is incredibly important to one’s psyche, the notion that others might discover my deepest, darkest flaws (and point them out to me) is truly terrifying…

I constantly conceptualize various ideas that I rarely carry through to fruition (like creating a blog) – mostly out of fear and worry – fear of the aforementioned vulnerability, and worry of not having a niche that I could continuously lend my words and ideas to…or worse, introducing topics and ideas no one would care about. And then, suddenly…why was I worried about everyone else? Why was I worried about something that hadn’t even happened yet? It’s so silly and premature, right?


I really needed to take the time to think about this blog thing. I knew I wanted to create one, but why? What benefits was I hoping to gain from it? Why did I have such a strong inclination to create one in the first place? The quickest answer was professional networking. I wanted to include blogging on my resume with the intent of appearing relevant, proactive, and competitive to future employers. Yet, blogging isn’t really unique anymore (it’s the content that makes a singular blog unique).

I’m a progressive thinker. I’m a writer. I’m a consumer of pop culture and current events. I like wine and cheese, and coffee shops with wi-fi. I’m 75% idealist, and 25% realist. I believe the intangible, the grandeur; the idyll can all be reached if you take the small, realistic steps to get there. I’m fascinated by the perpetual evolution of social media. And I love people. I’m inspired by the human condition – why we do; why we think; how we affect each other and our environments – and while there will never be a definitive answer to the question, “Why?” it’s ridiculously fun to ask the questions and see what happens…

And for networking purposes, I’m a 2010 journalism and mass communications grad (with a minor in film studies) keen on building relationships and image management (insert a public relations tag).

Did I just define myself in a couple hundred words? That was actually pretty easy. Anyways, I had finally narrowed in on a blog that would accommodate all my interests and curiosities – I wanted to write about the things and experiences that all connect us – the food experiences that join us at one table; the movies we pay 20 bucks to see with our friends; the sports that breed camaraderie (and mutual hatred); the water cooler we gather around with our co-workers to share in frivolous chatter; the ‘friend requests’ and ‘follows’ we gather through social networking; and the current events that keep us captivated. In short, I love discovering new ways of thinking. Life is about perspective, and the bridges we build (and burn) – and I’d love nothing more than to share mine – in turn, I hope you all feel inclined to reciprocate. And thus, this blog…what’s your angle? How do you stay connected and why?

So this is my attempt at flight; a dive into the blogosphere.

"paper aeroplane" by savvysmilinglove on Flickr

Let’s chat soon.


P.S. – I must give a quick shout out to my nearest and dearest, Leah, for easing my mind when I gave blogging more thought than it warranted. Huggles and snuggles for you!