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Month: July, 2011

Sunday Brunch: It’s not a meal, it’s a verb.

If breakfast is the most important meal of any day, then my weekly brunches are an absolute vital necessity to the wellness of my life. If you’re not already in tune with my habits, I’m quite the health nut; a stickler is probably more accurate. I’ve got a crazy busy schedule, and I’m an all-around “Type A” personality. So, every weekend, I make it a point to take a Saturday or Sunday to do brunch. For me, “brunch” is not simply an extended breakfast taking you into lunchtime. It’s an experience; a lifestyle; a verb. Brunch allows for “me” time and a little indulgence, which is why I tend to brunch solo.
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As we head into the weekend, a regard for our indulgence…

….In moderation.  We’ve all heard the mantra before, particularly as it pertains to healthy eating, but as I continue to discover, it’s truly a way of living as a whole.  We live in an age of excess and instant gratification – a lethal combination.  The more we get, the more we want…the quicker, the better.  Our consumption constantly accelerates as we try to grasp satisfaction, affirmation, and validation.  And yet, we are never able to grab a hold of those things because we lack resolve; we lack patience.  True satisfaction has longevity.  Could it be that what we are actually experiencing from our excessive habits are merely bouts of relief?  We never seem to be truly satisfied, so what’s the point of our gluttonous consumption?  Like a badly developed plotline, our decadence is ultimately anticlimactic.

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I’m mad as hell and loving it!

“I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” 

I remember having watched Network for the first time a couple years ago and really finding it hysterically tragic.  It is an intelligent, hilarious, and terrifying American satire – this film in one word: “prescient.”

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The Golden Rule in 235 pages…

My July book recommendation: “How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

A book about people for people

“Saha wa Afia” – translation not necessary…

Yesterday, I had one of those days where I don’t just enjoy my job – I’m passionate about it; I’m inspired by it. I had an assignment to profile local Middle Eastern Cuisine, and I had gone to interview the owner of a Middle Eastern restaurant in El Paso, Texas.

Now, I love Middle Eastern fare, but I wasn’t sure what to expect from this interview. My boss had insisted on coming with me, skeptical as to whether or not the owner would be willing to take instruction from a young female with some authoritative role. In this case, my job was to conduct the interview and facilitate the photo shoot. At that point, all I knew was that I was going to get free lunch (who doesn’t love free food?).

His name was Alex. With salt and pepper hair, he was a man built of a warm 5’8” stature with an even warmer smile. He extended his hand and I took it – a respectful and friendly grip. This interview was going to be a cakewalk.

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