A Busy Sunday Necessitates Mediterranean Food & Pastries To Go!

by jasmine

Sundays tend to be the days when I allow myself to be lackadaisical.  A day to revel in carefree idleness.  But with deadlines for work fast approaching, and the Albuquerque Film Festival days away, I needed today to get out in front of everything.  That means multiple word documents, research, spreadsheets, checklists and conference calls.

With all that needed to be done, I required delectable nourishment on the go.  Fresh, quality food to go can be tricky to pinpoint.  Almost like searching for a needle in a haystack – with meticulous foraging, you’ll ultimately find what you’re looking for.  My needle in this haystack of a town: International Delights Cafe – a delightful fusion of Mediterranean foods and European-style coffeehouses.

In between researching and conference calls, I snacked on fragrantly-spiced falafels with hummus.  The aromatics awakened my senses, stimulating my focus.

After pouring a plethora of information into multiple spreadsheets, I took a little bit of time for a breather…and my main course: a hearty gyro sandwich – robustly flavored slices of lamb and beef cooked on a spit with sweet onions, lettuce and tomatoes smothered in tahini sauce all wrapped in a fresh pita.  The perfect pick-me-up before diving back into the work.

Feeling like I’ve accomplished more today than I did all of last week, a sweet reward awaits my palate.  Indulging in scrumptious pastries made by a local French chef: a classic fruit tart, delicate walnut baklava and a scrumptious blueberry frangipane.

Let’s review the logistics, I got fresh, quality and authentic food within a simultaneous 20-minute drive and wait for less than $30.  AND I’m a head of the game where work is concerned.  I’m actually wishing today was tomorrow…