Foodie Adventures in ABQ: Experience “Burger Enlightenment” at bRgR

by jasmine

As a self-proclaimed gourmand, my insatiable appetite is always conscious to new food experiences.  I was recently up in Albuquerque, New Mexico working as a PR Assistant for the 3rd Annual Albuquerque Film Festival.  While roaming around downtown, I stumbled upon a new eatery whose name instantly piqued my interest – bRgR.  Reading it as an abbreviation for “burger”, I would learn that it is pronounced, “bee-ar-gee-ar.”

Describing the concept as “burger enlightenment”, bRgR seeks to elevate the dining experience, whilst preserving the accessibility of burger fare.  Walking into the joint, I immediately felt like I had garnered the swag I was severely lacking, and all my cool points shot up.

(Photo credit goes to New Mexico Eats)

With a swanky, modern design, the wall space had a red-patterned, black and chrome scheme.  French-style chandeliers were suspended from the exposed ceiling.  And I was charmed by the note of humor in their decor – several framed pictures of cows hung on the walls.  Gotta love the irony.

(Photo credit goes to New Mexico Eats)

I sat up at the bar – and having done pre-dining research – I promptly ordered the “Nirvana” – an umami-seasoned kobe beef burger encrusted in parmesan, with sauteed mushrooms and a demi-glacé.

It was cooked medium to perfection, and all my senses were completely appeased.  Every flavor and layer of this burger was artfully crafted.  The juiciness of the burger; the crunchiness of the parmesan crust; the mushrooms were tender; the sweet coating of the demi-glacé added depth; and the freshness of the tomato and lettuce all between a firm, yet airy bun.  Nirvana indeed.

Now, what’s a burger without a side of fries?  These “sweet tots” stand to be so much more than a sidekick, they’ll make Napolean Dynamite’s toes curl.  Grated sweet potatoes seasoned with sea salt, and served with a special house-made ketchup Heinz would bow to.  Crispy exterior with a light, moist interior.  Bliss to the max.

I could ramble on about how they only work with local, freshly organic ingredients; serving turkey, chicken, sea and vegetarian burger variants; how they have 32 locally and regionally crafted beers on tap for $3 with an array of cocktails and milkshakes; and their selections of “grown-up” mac ‘n’ cheese and their exotic burgers of the kangaroo variety, but I’ll leave you to your own devices and let you browse their website at

Additionally, if you find yourself in Downtown Albuquerque, check out Forque Kitchen & Bar, located inside the Hyatt Regency for exceptional fine dining.  I recommend the “Sea Scallops” entree, served with a sweet corn pudding, bacon creme fraiche, English peas and Chicharron…a dish of the highest caliber.

And there’s JC’s NYPD (New York Pizza Department), dishing out some of the best thin-crust pies in the city.  It is a prerequisite to try a heavenly slice of their Pepperoni and Green Chile pizza.  Indicative to New Mexico in all its greasy glory.