An Encouraging Note to My Job-seeking Peers…

by jasmine

Now is the time for us to be opportunists; to be fearless.  We are at the dawn of our careers, and we are the future.  Take chances, take risks, and ask yourself, “What do I have to lose?”  The worst any employer can tell you is “no.”  Allow yourself to take a pause for defeat, but don’t dwell in it.  It’s onto the next!  Take your talents and skills elsewhere.  Don’t wait around for the right moment because it’ll never come.  The longer you wait, the harder the climb; and the farther and few between will the window of opportunity be open.

Be proactive in all your dreams and ambitions.  You want to do something – just do it.  Don’t ask for permission.  Don’t let your youth or inexperience be patronized; we all possess talents and skills that are valuable investments for the future.  Everything we want, dream of and hope for is ours for the taking.

Connect with people.  Let them know who you are, and find out who they are.  Quid pro quo – they say it’s all about who you know.  Let’s help each other out.  Build a network of supporters.

Be creative and competitive.  Understand that there will always be someone more experienced and more qualified, but don’t let that be an intimidation factor.  Use it to identify those unique dexterities that set you apart.

Open your mind and heart to growth.  We never stop learning.  Cultivating your talents will accelerate you further towards the light at the end of the tunnel.  Welcome those new (whilst not always positive) experiences, and let yourself develop from them.

Be tenacious in your endeavors.  People respond to thoughtful persistence.  How badly do you want it?   Prove it.

(Eminem’s Lose Yourself  has always been my go-to recommendation for some much needed motivation)

“Dear optimists, pessimists and realists – while you were all arguing over the glass of water, I just drank it.  Sincerely, an opportunist.”