What Steve Jobs Taught Me: A Lesson in Acceptance

by jasmine

Steve Jobs’ untimely passing hit me harder than I ever could’ve anticipated; I was staggered.  I had realized that I had this kind of kinship with him, as peculiar as that sounds.  Ambition is my crux, and my passion for innovation is the persistence of vision that drives me forward; a conviction for how I choose to live my life.  While there have been copious amounts of write-ups, tributes and retrospectives commemorating his profound influence on millions, I wanted to reflect on what he’s given me as an individual.

Steve Jobs gave me a lesson in acceptance.

He taught me that accepting anything ‘less than…’ pays a disservice to my intelligence, potential, heart, intuition and growth. When he brought the world to our fingertips, I accepted the responsibility of staying connected and conscious to the world and its people. As he kept his finger on the pulse of technology and innovation, I accepted the here and now – living and observing in the present. As he dared to be “the round peg in the square hole”, I accepted and embraced my own unique brand of brain.

As he told us to “stay hungry” and “stay foolish”, I acquired an insatiable appetite with an interest in the things ill-advised. As he accepted the brevity of human life, I accepted the fearlessness of my youth; understanding I have nothing to lose; and to think – to think big.

As he set out to “put a ding in the universe”, I learned that that ringing would resound. His legacy will reverberate. As he leaves us with an inheritance founded upon his revolutionary vision, I assume the task of creating in my own life, and to sustain his vision through my own designs.

“…the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”