Plot Points: A Networking Journey

by jasmine

A Preface: The Dawn of A Career

Well here it is.  This is the first official post of the series.  The inception of an idea that assaulted my brainwaves, and hasn’t calmed.  Most of us in our early twenties are at the dawn of our careers, or some may be navigating the start of a new career path in this crippled economy.  I’m someone who believes in creating opportunity – you cannot wait for opportunity to come to you.  I’m also someone who’s come to realize that the idea of the “right time” doesn’t exist – it’ll never be the “right time” to do anything, so you’ve got to do it now.

Like a meticulously fleshed out story, I’m learning that when it comes to my professional career goals, I need to plot out the points that will get me from point A to point B, C and so on.  And so, Plot Points: A Networking Journey was inspired.

Through my own personal experiences chronicled in a series of blog entries, I will document my trial and error process as I network my way into a new career opportunity.  I will write about the action I take and networking I do – both the progress I make, and the challenges and mistakes I’ll face along the way.  My idea is to ignite the flame and to support others, while being open to reciprocation from those who have something to offer me as well (seriously, any words of wisdom you can pass along is met with much appreciation!).

For full disclosure, here’s a bullet point rundown of where I am in this networking journey thus far:

  • Presently, I’m the Editorial Administrator at Mountain Dreams Publishing in Las Cruces, New Mexico and I’ve been here for almost a year.  My first “real world” job.
  • Hungry for relocation, and a new and stimulating opportunity, I began actively job hunting and networking towards the end of August.
  • So far, I’ve applied (for multiple positions) and networked with Levine Communications Office, NBC Universal, Bread and Butter PR, MTV Networks, Disney/ESPN, 360i, Time Warner, Do Something, Inc., Scripps Networks and Paramount Pictures.  The list will expand exponentially, I’m sure.
  • And recently, I’ve entertained the idea of grad school again, if only to get me some fantastic internship opportunities that only seem to be afforded to students.

With this project, I endeavor to help others traverse the complex networking map of the professional world.  I want to emphasize that I am not an expert, and I don’t claim to be.  I’m simply documenting the experience as I experience it.  Let’s chase our dreams and get after those goals together!