Live by design

by jasmine

Many things happen by design: good stories follow a narrative structure; buildings are constructed based on a blueprint; business goals are achieved through strategic planning; ideas come to fruition through deliberate action; the pictures in your camera phone have composition.  And these things usually happen in a certain way: they manifest and take shape in its intended form.

I have a fascination with design – architectural, product, interior, urban planning, brand, graphic, concept, art – and how utilizing an idea, space, service, or object influences our social behaviors and interactions.

As a writer, I’m inspired by the possibility of things happening, whether it’s an executed idea, something in nature, an environment, or people taking action.  Experience + curiosity / possibility = my writing muse.  I have a formula: a design with an intended outcome.  I’m inspired by, and aspire to tell stories that explore human behavior and interaction by design.  The structure of a story comes from my intention as a writer, and the motivation behind the things and people I’m writing about.

I am a self-proclaimed cinephile.  My passion for film is very visceral.  I watch movies for more than just the entertainment value.  I watch them and use the stories and characters to analyze behaviors and the relationships between people.  I have this insatiable curiosity to understand what drives us as human beings, what makes us tick; and how those motivations affect the way  we interact with others in a variety of circumstances and environments.

I feel like film and all other mediums of the creative and entertainment arts (television, dance, visual, theatre, literature, etc.) are influential platforms for exploring information and ideas, and this can create a pipeline towards having open dialogue, mobilizing people to action, provoking thought, creating engaging experiences, and fostering communities.  I believe, by design, that the arts have a way of enriching aspects of our lives that other areas and platforms can’t.  Art can resonate with us in a very human and emotional way that doesn’t polarize or alienate.  It’s all about how ideas and information are presented to us.  If a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, then it’s the arts that can frame ideas and information in a way that’s easier to digest.

With everything I strive to do in my personal and professional life (which I don’t consider mutually exclusive to one another), I aspire to tell stories and do work that creates an experience, a call to action, leads to a larger discussion – it’s all about persuasion.  I want to explore and champion entertainment and creative spaces that connects ideas, builds relationships, and engages a community.  My goal is to strategically influence social behavior and inspire others through design (persuasion); to communicate, connect, resonate, and empower.  This passion that I have has sparked my match to pursue  a career in the field of Entertainment Publicity.

Living by design means to live consciously.  Be present.  As things happen, be responsive in a mindful way.  Be a participant, and seek ways in which you can effectively participate.  Think about what you do and say, and how that affects your surroundings.   When you do things deliberately, you’re more likely to fall upon potential; something leaning in your favor.  With this one life, full of endless possibilities, everything we do and say – whether negative or positive – should be done and said with conscious intent.  We should constantly be striving to live by design; to do everything on purpose.