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Speak and act with intent. Live by design.

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Live by design

Many things happen by design: good stories follow a narrative structure; buildings are constructed based on a blueprint; business goals are achieved through strategic planning; ideas come to fruition through deliberate action; the pictures in your camera phone have composition.  And these things usually happen in a certain way: they manifest and take shape in its intended form.

I have a fascination with design – architectural, product, interior, urban planning, brand, graphic, concept, art – and how utilizing an idea, space, service, or object influences our social behaviors and interactions.

What does your design look like?


Plot Points: A Networking Journey

A Preface: The Dawn of A Career

Intro Post

What Steve Jobs Taught Me: A Lesson in Acceptance

Steve Jobs’ untimely passing hit me harder than I ever could’ve anticipated; I was staggered.  I had realized that I had this kind of kinship with him, as peculiar as that sounds.  Ambition is my crux, and my passion for innovation is the persistence of vision that drives me forward; a conviction for how I choose to live my life.  While there have been copious amounts of write-ups, tributes and retrospectives commemorating his profound influence on millions, I wanted to reflect on what he’s given me as an individual.

Right now, the new is you

An Encouraging Note to My Job-seeking Peers…

At the risk of sounding like a Hallmark card…