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Live by design

Many things happen by design: good stories follow a narrative structure; buildings are constructed based on a blueprint; business goals are achieved through strategic planning; ideas come to fruition through deliberate action; the pictures in your camera phone have composition.  And these things usually happen in a certain way: they manifest and take shape in its intended form.

I have a fascination with design – architectural, product, interior, urban planning, brand, graphic, concept, art – and how utilizing an idea, space, service, or object influences our social behaviors and interactions.

What does your design look like?


Plot Points: A Networking Journey

A Preface: The Dawn of A Career

Intro Post

Sunday Brunch: It’s not a meal, it’s a verb.

If breakfast is the most important meal of any day, then my weekly brunches are an absolute vital necessity to the wellness of my life. If you’re not already in tune with my habits, I’m quite the health nut; a stickler is probably more accurate. I’ve got a crazy busy schedule, and I’m an all-around “Type A” personality. So, every weekend, I make it a point to take a Saturday or Sunday to do brunch. For me, “brunch” is not simply an extended breakfast taking you into lunchtime. It’s an experience; a lifestyle; a verb. Brunch allows for “me” time and a little indulgence, which is why I tend to brunch solo.
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My Attempt At Flight

It’s taken me quite a long time to muster up the courage to venture into the blogosphere.  Words and ideas are so very precious to me that I’ve kept my own at vest, fearful of the vulnerability that comes with being an active blogger.  While I do believe having a sense of self-awareness is incredibly important to one’s psyche, the notion that others might discover my deepest, darkest flaws (and point them out to me) is truly terrifying… Read on