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Speak and act with intent. Live by design.

Live by design

Many things happen by design: good stories follow a narrative structure; buildings are constructed based on a blueprint; business goals are achieved through strategic planning; ideas come to fruition through deliberate action; the pictures in your camera phone have composition.  And these things usually happen in a certain way: they manifest and take shape in its intended form.

I have a fascination with design – architectural, product, interior, urban planning, brand, graphic, concept, art – and how utilizing an idea, space, service, or object influences our social behaviors and interactions.

What does your design look like?


Singing Lessons Improves My Skills As A Speaker & Writer

Pursuing an interest or hobby is a great way to develop a skill set through practice.  In college, I took singing lessons to have fun, meet people outside of my orbit, and to help breakup the tedium of a full load of courses.  Gradually, I took the technique and etiquette I picked up from that vocal training and parlayed them into tools that I continue to reference when honing my communication skills.

4 ways singing lessons has helped me to become a better speaker and writer

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Mise-en-scene: Setting the stage for Film Production in New Mexico

Tamalewood had all its guns blazing, from up in the Duke City down to the City of the Crosses, as this past summer was capped off with the 3rd Annual Albuquerque Film Festival (Aug.18-21) and the 6th Annual White Sands International Film Festival (Aug. 25-28). The festivals were a jovial coalescence of community and film, celebrating the cinematic accomplishments of New Mexico film production…

Click the link below to read my full article on the scope of film production in New Mexico featured in Las Cruces Magazine.

Mise-en-scene (PDF)

Romancing Yourself: Discourse in Masturbation

The most important sexual relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. 

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Plot Points: A Networking Journey

A Preface: The Dawn of A Career

Intro Post

My Top 5 Halloween Flicks and Treat Pairings

Get your tricks from these flicks & treats from these eats

What Steve Jobs Taught Me: A Lesson in Acceptance

Steve Jobs’ untimely passing hit me harder than I ever could’ve anticipated; I was staggered.  I had realized that I had this kind of kinship with him, as peculiar as that sounds.  Ambition is my crux, and my passion for innovation is the persistence of vision that drives me forward; a conviction for how I choose to live my life.  While there have been copious amounts of write-ups, tributes and retrospectives commemorating his profound influence on millions, I wanted to reflect on what he’s given me as an individual.

Right now, the new is you

Drive: An Existential Character Study (film review)

As September draws to a close and we move into October, one film has left me completely verklempt in its dust.

a real human being, and a real hero

An Encouraging Note to My Job-seeking Peers…

At the risk of sounding like a Hallmark card…

Wear Your Name Proud & Speak It Loud

Own your name